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When you fall in love
You never get up...

Within Design Showcase

Within Design is a vintage art, furnishings and interior design company. Within Design when you fall in love you never get up.

Art Vintage Showcase

Minimalism is not a Naughty Word

Now my home is governed by my needs and those of my friends and family; no longer is it ruled by inanimate object d’ art. People breathe comfortably in my home, not nervously wondering if it would be their last. I have a dining room once again and not a room set to display items in awe-inspiring fashion.

Dear John,

My final conversation with God was simple, ‘Father, into your hands I commend my soul; grant forgiveness, mercy, and peace.’ John – I have just now taken my own life. Don’t fuss – it’s done, I assure you the deed is done.

Police Significance Of Ignorance

Three years ago I began working with a sympathetic police analyst to gain empirical data that would show that the LGBT community or some sub-set had significant drug problems.

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