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Police Ignorance

You think I’m being dramatic?

Three years ago I began working with a sympathetic police analyst to gain empirical data that would show that the LGBT community or some sub-set had significant drug problems. Since MPD didn’t track this as an issue in the aforementioned community I couldn’t get any traction or funding to combat or provide education or other programming. No data – no problem, no problem – no funding.

My research and work deepened and broadened and it wasn’t long before I possessed extensive knowledge of the players, distribution channels, finances, safe houses, communications, and security/reinforced facilities. Check open records requests and you will see how it began but let me now tell you how it ended. In meeting with the FBI/DEA – HIDTA, the senior special agent had a sidebar with me and, I shall never forget his conclusion, said, “those people will find it elsewhere – (lowered voice and shrugged shoulders) who cares?”

Photo by Karyme França from Pexels

Here was a significant part of our apparatus dismissing entire populations without the slightest hesitation in private discussions!
I’m so sick-and-tired of our penchant for puking on someone else’s desk and running away expecting the other to find the solution. 

Photo Courtesy Of Pexels.com

Do you not see the divine comedy in all of this? 

Our not so distant ancestors with hatred, racism, and ugliness in their hearts legislated, which had unintended outcomes and ensuing consequences that currently plague us. It’s true what they say, Karma is a bitch! 

Today we won’t take any time to research or gain understanding of another because it takes more time than a tweet or what a tickertape on CNN tells us what to believe

We have ignored our past and resulting responsibility, placed ourselves under the tutelage of Technology, and the resultant human race has become fanatical with its held distilled beliefs fed to us in nanoseconds at the altar of Technology.

Are we hateful people? We don’t lack empathy. We lack inclination, time, and imagination. We simply have ceased to imagine what it must be like for another. We lack imagination but not judgements.  

As a people, we must slow down, lift our heads and observe, feel and weep, leave the false alters at which we worship and embrace something higher. If we continue to do nothing, then we mustn’t be surprised when no one is left to help when we need it most. 

  1. Remember our past. Don’t dwell on it but don’t forget it.
  2. Get angry.
  3. Harness and channel that anger towards our politicians until they remember that there is no greater good than to serve the commonwealth and force the end of manipulation and duplicitous behavior. 
  4. Do the next right thing.
  5. Be our brother’s keeper and do good. Notice I wrote good and not well.
We can all breathe easier in this life and it doesn’t have to be at the expense of another. It is simply about having the courage to defeat Approach Avoidance by taking the first step no matter how large or small. Ultimately, that step leads to the final one where we place our collective foot across the throat of mediocrity and with lethal force step down firmly.

For writing as though I have all the answers you must wonder why I did it. John, I find that I’m too damn tired and I’m haunted. I’m haunted daily by the question God posed to Cain: “what hast thou done? Your brother’s blood cries out to me from the ground.” I’m afraid that our souls are so shallow today that we no longer shudder much less hear his question which still relevant, reverberates yet in our times. I lack hope, John, that we will end our cretinous ways and allow poor God to stop shaking his head in disappointment finally. John, He said, “whatever you do unto the least of me, you do unto me.” Govern yourself accordingly, John, he’s been watching. As ever,

With every personal good wish, I remain
Your loving friend, 

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