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Within Design Services



The first step in the process is determining the appropriate changes to your space and a budget that is comfortable for you; achieved by listening to you. Our team will work with you to determine exactly what changes you envision for your home. 


When you work with someone you want those with skills that compliment yours not those skilled in sleight-of-hand. We are always honest and we will not compromise our convictions. 

  • Consulting expertise of three generations
  • Bring life back to pieces both found and cherished
  • Deep knowledge in art, antiques, and furniture
  • Short/long-term rental of artwork and furniture
  • Deep cleaning, painting, hauling
  • Transparent pricing for everyones lifestyle
  • Qualified Referrals 
  • Interior decor knowledge of various cultures

What Folks Say About Within Design

Within is proud of its success. Success which is earned one client at a time. Within - where our clients send their friends. 

Tim Clark


You have a chance to save a lot working with us thanks to our flexiblity, transparent pricing - our cost, is your cost, and our values.  We want to gain your trust and loyalty and, once earned, maintaining that relationship is our firms first priority. Please call to schedule a free consultation and we will capture and document your vision and if we cannot add value then we're going to tell you. 


Check out the online catalogue with our latest arrivals. Here you will find unique furniture, authentic artwork, décor elements and more. The products are arranged in categories for your convenience. If you see something you like but the price and your budget don't match up, call us and let's see if we can figure something out together. Finding the win/win situation is definitely part of our values. 

Other Services

If you want something special, please let us know – you have a busy life and it's our job to make sure the process is fun and not a stressor. We won't ever leave you in a bind because you won't send your friends our way and it's just not a nice thing to do. 

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